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Cindy was born in South Africa and then moved to Madrid, Spain for a year at the age of 14. As a teenager, she moved to the US, where she has lived in many different states, most currently in Illinois with her husband and 3 children. Cindy began her career as a Travel Agent, and then moved into Sales at Xerox. She joined the LifeMoxie team in 2007 as a Business Development Consultant where she was quickly promoted to Director of Client Engagement. Cindy left LifeMoxie for a couple of years and recently returned to the team as a Business Analyst. Cindy loves to work with clients and developers to create online solutions to help solve business needs.

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LifeMoxie has served as both a strategic partner and trusted advisor for the Duke Energy mentoring programs. Their resources, including the top-notch Webinar series, have provided much-needed structure to our existing Leadership Development Network mentoring program. Additionally, their matching tool drastically decreased what was previously several days' effort of manually pairing mentors and protégés, while at the same time facilitating more successful pairings through the registration process. LifeMoxie was also instrumental in getting our Finance New Hire Mentoring program up and running. Their 7 Step Framework takes into account all facets of launching and sustaining a successful mentoring program and effortlessly walks you through the process. Customer service is always outstanding - very responsive and going the extra mile when necessary. Mentoring is truly Ann's passion and this is evidenced by the time and energy she and her team spend in making your program a success.

Mark Short
Retired VP of Talent Management

Duke Energy Corporation

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