The Formula for Powerful Mentoring!

Thurs, Oct 25 @ 12pm EST

Date: Thursday, October 25
Time: 12pm - 1:15pm EST (allows 15 min for Q&A)
Fee: Complimentary


The Formula for Powerful Mentoring Programs:
Discover the Secrets to Launching and Leading Mentoring Programs that Matter to People and Organizations

Goal: Prepare to launch or re-launch your mentoring initiatives

Studies show that:

  • millennials want companies that offer mentoring
  • managers are better leaders with mentoring skills
  • on-boarding is more effective with mentoring
  • diversity initiatives are effective only with mentoring
  • workforces are more collaborative with mentoring

Mentoring sounds like a great idea, until it isn't. So where does mentoring go wrong?

If launching or leading your mentoring program has been anything but a magnificent experience, perhaps you're missing some essential ingredients in the strategy or the execution.

Join us as we reveal how to turn mediocre mentoring programs into powerful initiatives.

This webinar is for you if you are...
• exploring the role of mentoring in your learning journey
• in the process of launching a program and want it to be effective
• leading a mentoring program and need it to be more impactful
• looking for ideas to make mentoring matter to your people and your organization

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Ann has helped us establish mentoring as an effective tool for employee development and engagement. As part of that process she has helped my peers and me to effectively share our mentoring experiences with our high potential leadership group. Sharing our stories has helped participants in the leadership development program more fully embrace the importance of their mentoring relationships.

Gregory T. Troy
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Ann is great to work with; adapting her mentoring expertise to the needs of the organization and rolling up her sleeves to help develop other content. Her style in the classroom (or on a webcast) is infectious getting even the most skeptical folks engaged. Her no nonsense approach to holding mentors and mentees accountable has been eye opening for some and a welcome model for many.

Harry Gold
Director, Organizational Learning

Kaman Corporation

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